June 6, 2013


Shane McAdams - Pen Blow (2011) - Ballpoint pen and resin on panel

May 12, 2013

London-based painter Clare Chapman produces work that finds beguiling beauty in the dark and disturbing. Some of her subjects resemble the pus-filled pods or cocoons from which aliens and other horror film staples burst forth, others are more abstract, uncertain outlines in fleshy colours that unnerve without us quite knowing why. The ever-brilliant Brighten The Corners have just redesigned Clare’s website and by keeping the navigation nicely simple they have done a tremendous job at letting us viewers chart and enjoy Clare’s evolution as an artist over the past few years.



May 11, 2013


Cercles by Fabienne Verdier

May 11, 2013


Ushio Shinohara - Box Paintings (2008)

May 9, 2013


Matthew Shlian - Drift Series 1, 2009, mont blanc pen, 19” x 25”

April 30, 2013


Yves Klein - Fire Paintings, 1960

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April 26, 2013


two sittings: totaling 1 hour and 53 minutes

discarding the rules
extending the commitment of time

progression— a feeling of falling
a fear of failing
and compulsion wins over
rationalization and obligation

Kevin Townsend | circadian-line

(this is quite possibly my favorite of this series thus far)

April 12, 2013


War Cut II -1/50

War Cut II -2/50
War Cut II -3/50
selected covers from War Cut II, a special edition of the artist’s book 
War Cut showing details from Abstract Painting 

Edition details: 50 copies signed, dated and numbered in Roman numerals in graphite pencil on the endpaper, also numbered in Roman numerals in felt-tip pen on the penultimate page; oil paint on book cover applied with squeegee by Richter.

you can see all of the covers on the WAR CUT microsite 

April 12, 2013


Self-portrait, Three Times, Standing 
50.4 cm x 56.4 cm | Oil on photograph

  1. 15.3.1991
  2. 16.3.1991
  3. 17.3.1991
  4. 18.3.1991
  5. 19.3.1991
  6. 20.3.1991

April 12, 2013


Dogtown Common progress | Jacob van Loon

April 9, 2013


progression of this morning’s metronome drawing | 100 min x 200 marks per minute (lateral exploration- unsure where this is going but..)

April 8, 2013


@areainsta, Michael Chase on Instagram

(via areaofinterest-deactivated20131)

December 8, 2012


DevidSketchbook - JAVASCAPES

abstractions of the flow and dispersion of cream into coffee

PA, Wrightsville-based photographer Daniel G. Walczyk - “In a simple, everyday and even mundane act, life erupts from the firmament; the subatomic and microscopic beginnings of the universe and the history of the world are revealed in the abstractions of the flow and dispersion of cream into coffee. “Javascapes” began life from a serendipitous observation by artist/photographer d. g. walczyk as he poured cream into his pint glass of iced coffee in the summer of 2011. What he saw as the cream was poured and before stirring to thoroughly blend was a variable speed dispersion of the heavier liquid in the darkness of the caffeinated unknown; the formation of a new world in the cold “molten” admixture of South Pacific Blend and 1/2 & 1/2.”

December 8, 2012


Günther Uecker - Schrei (Scream), 2012

nails, white paint with glue on canvas on wood

78 3/4 × 63 in / 200 × 160 cm

December 6, 2012


Eric Blum. Ink, beeswax & silk on panel. (2003-11).

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